The Story

I do not know exactly what drives us to express ourselves artistically. It is an obscure internal need, combined with existential angst. It is also this challenge given to us by life, that nothing is assured. One thing is certain, no matter what difficulties and problems I have had to face, I have always expressed it through art. It is art that taught me the basic principle of life. As it is with colour tones, life’s nuances are defined by their surrounding environment.


What makes a work of art unique is the artist’s point of view. The specific way he or she chooses to interpret what is seen, but also the internal impulse that makes the artist put a frame on this surrounding vastness.


In the past I never used to pay attention to “what” I was painting. It was mostly the “how” that interested me. This has been part of my internal journey and my soul’s quest. Maybe just the starting point of my own personal growth. For as long as I create I do not know where this journey will take me.


A very important milestone in my life was meeting Panos Fidakis, a remarkable Greek painter. The love of art which we shared, was the beginning of a great friendship which lasted until his untimely death in 2003. He was my mentor and helped me acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of painting. With this knowledge I was able to delve deeply into the core of my being. However, my path as a painter took its own course, with its attempts, anxieties, twists and upheavals. I paint with this sense of being a perpetual student, incessantly learning.


Samples of my effort are presented herein. As poets say “it is the journey that counts”. I will always be grateful and appreciative of those willing to share this journey with me.

Pantelis Tsobanoglou

Pantelis Tsobanoglou